Who we are —

Friendly People

Experts in learning, believers in the power of well-equipped teams

At Folks Talent, we love partnering with clients who want a friendly, direct approach. We all have experience working the client’s side of life and walking in their shoes, so we understand their issues and we care about their success and reputation. We do not take ourselves too seriously and love having fun and success with the people we meet.

We believe that business success is driven by successful leaders. Together, our mission is to grow the skills of leadership teams to inspire successful relationships, both with us and their internal teams.


Scott Chambers


Scott is our Founder and Chair. He is a highly skilled facilitator with a wealth of international experience. He works with our clients’ most senior leaders and teams to help them deliver sustainable business success. These engagements have resulted in long-term relationships across our customer base, making him our go-to person for advice and counsel.

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Richard Lowther

Managing Director

Our director, Richard, is responsible for the teams inside Folks Talent – with a focus on managing today and charting our future. Prior to Folks Talent, he was a Chief People Officer, having worked in leadership roles for FTSE and Fortune 500 global businesses for so long he’d rather not say!

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Alice Stonehewer


As our Producer, Alice builds close relationships with our customers while bringing to life how we solve our clients’ needs and heading up our fabulous associates’ network. She has a background in people and management development across a range of leading UK businesses.

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Julia Lowther

Creative Architect

Julia is our Creative Planner, responsible for listening well to the challenges our of clients and building solutions to their problems. She also works across the business, managing client relationships and, before Folks Talent, was the regional head of learning and development for a Fortune 500 software firm.

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Inside Folks Talent

Supporting our client team, we have James and Nicola who lead our finance and operations teams.

We partner with some amazing folk. Fabulous facilitators, inspirational coaches and experts in making the workplace more human.
We care about each other; we share the same values and we have great fun delivering awesome results for our Clients.

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Become an Associate

At Folks Talent, we love meeting people and growing our community of facilitators, coaches and consultants. If you’d like to work with us please get in touch, telling us a little bit about yourself – we’d love to hear from you!

We leave transformation to the butterflies:

at Folks Talent we help leaders adapt to change and develop agility