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People-shaped Solutions

Decades building a ‘superpower’ for thousands of people across many sectors

Here at Folks Talent, we started helping clients more than 20 years ago, under a different name, 3GHR. Our company name has changed, however, our approach remains the same. Folks Talent still wants to make a difference in business success by inspiring leaders at all levels to be skilful and confident with their teams and help them to develop the ‘superpower’ of building productive and healthy relationships.

Our focus prepares leaders to build relationships based on trust by understanding the emotions of others, communicating caring, inviting those ‘difficult’ conversations, welcoming innovative ideas, and responding well during times of change.


“You helped get our managers to actually manage and focus on the right stuff” Manager, major high street restaurant chain.

We have all heard the saying 'people leave managers, not organisations'. We believe that a team’s motivation, and therefore their contribution, is a direct result of the quality of interactions they have with their manager. People want to follow competent leaders with a clear purpose. Combining this clarity with deft skills, empathy and good judgement allows managers to cut through noise to free up people’s creativity and efforts toward shared goals. We call on a variety of expertise and proven development experiences, to meet your needs, all matched to your environment, management challenges, style, and culture.

We fashion and deliver tailor-made training programmes, including role play practice sessions with professional actors, with team coaching and 360 insights for maximum impact. For clients looking for short duration, high impact learning, we offer choice from our a la carte set of over thirty skills development sessions called Expresso™. An Expresso™ session is facilitator led, is less than two hours long and can be delivered virtually or face-to-face for up to fifteen people. Example Expresso™ titles include, ‘Delivering Success’, ‘Personal Best’ and ‘Conflict Management’. We often provide one-day events using a combination of client selected Expresso™ modules.

Our robust work with managers over decades provides choice for customers, allowing them to implement cost-effective management training to provide new areas or complement aspects of their current manager training programmes.

Some key statistics

Annually we train over 2,000 people managers

Each year we deliver 150 leadership and management training programmes in the UK and Europe

We provide around 80 virtual standalone training sessions per year

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“My coach helped bring clarity and focus to get the right results. Coaching has benefited the business in terms of delivery” Leader in the Financial Services sector

Our coaches and practical coaching practices ensure that every person embarking on a programme with us achieves real and lasting positive change. The coaches at Folks Talent provide a powerful and rewarding way to improve the success of individuals and teams.

Our approach helps to prepare people at all levels to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities. Our coaches help to support and nurture people at key stages of their career, such as onboarding into a new company or a new role and supporting promotions or international assignments. We also work with clients to strengthen resilience helping them to build and broaden relationships with others when work styles, methods, practices and personalities are different to their own. For executives, our coaches provide an impartial sounding board to see opportunities and explore choices, especially during times of change and uncertainty.

Some key statistics

We deliver hundreds of hours of coaching hours every year

Coaching is now a key component in 75% of our current management development programmes

Each year approximately 100 people receive personal one to-one coaching using 360-degree assessments

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Consulting & Design

“I am delighted I partnered with you, it feels like we struck gold with you” Leader in the Educational Services sector

Developing the best people programmes often means aligning your best minds with bright eyes from outside. Partnering with Folks Talent makes this a reality. We expect that competitors offer similar services to Folks Talent, however, what makes us different is our approach and what is feels like to work with us. We invest in understanding what people problems exist for our clients and we walk every step with them to deliver a solution that works.

We partner with our clients to develop unique plans and approaches and to “architect” tailored development and talent processes that make a difference to individuals, managers, culture and to their organisation.

Our consulting and design service covers areas such as building talent and assessment centres, providing career development, developing fast track talent, future leader preparation, communication of new company values and creating competency structures. Tuning into the specific business environment, we design, align and support clients to create effective people-related change. These long-lasting learning solutions usually become embedded in organisations and will develop over time to become a core part of the business.

Some key statistics

In total, we have designed over 30 competency structures and over 50 360-degree assessments questionnaires

Currently, we are actively supporting 12 HR teams with their development strategy and implementation planning

Recently created over 25 new programmes, with more to come

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“Fantastic, you helped me get my team connected and ready for growth” Business Leader, Technology sector

Getting a group of individuals together and expecting them to collaborate and produce results requires work. When we started our business more than 20 years ago, most people worked in general roles, were structured into hierarchies, sat in one location and often reported to one leader. Life at work is more complex now. People are selected to join teams for their specialist skills, have a different manager and operate across many locations and might not share the same time zone.

We specialise on simplifying this complex environment, not achieved through organisational structure, but by creating teams that feel connected and accountable. We work with team members to drive accountability and build their capacity to accept risks and failures by establishing trust in with colleagues and by developing more sophisticated ways to communicate, building their motivation, engagement and fun.

Examples of our work with teams covers many specialisms including corporate functions (i.e., business partners in Legal, Tech, HR, and Finance), marketing, sales, product managers and agile software development roles (e.g., scrum masters).

Some key statistics

Annually we train over 30 working intact teams

We train over 1300 people a year on our team development programmes

Via our functional team training programmes develop teams in specialist areas, such as Business Partners and Software Scrum Managers & Product Managers

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We leave etiquette to the politicians:

at Folks Talent we talk about having brave and honest conversations