Balancing seasonal cheer with productivity at work

Balancing seasonal cheer with productivity at work brings unique challenges to the workplace, especially for those organisations also facing financial year end and or facing into their busiest time of year.

For leaders, balancing the seasonal cheer with the need for continued productivity and managing resilience can be challenging. This post delves into effective strategies that can help keep focus and reduce stress, ensuring a productive and enjoyable end to the year for you and your team. Balancing seasonal cheer with productivity at work

Setting Realistic Goals: 

The key to balancing seasonal cheer with productivity during the festive period is setting achievable goals. Understand that the holiday season might affect the team’s output and adjust your expectations accordingly. Short-term, clearly defined aims can keep your team focused without overwhelming them.  The reality is that many organisations are facing year end demands towards the end if the calendar year, and therefore the leaders’ role is to regularly discuss and manage priorities.

 Prioritising Tasks:

Help your team prioritise their tasks. Name which projects are time critical, and which can wait until after the holidays. This prioritisation can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and increase the quality of work on essential tasks.

Encouraging Flexible Work Arrangements:

By ensuring team goals and priorities are managed, be as flexible as possible.  Flexibility can be a significant stress reliever during the holidays. Offering flexible hours or the choice to work remotely can help your team balance personal and professional commitments more effectively. This flexibility can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Emphasising Self-Care:

Encourage your team to practice self-care. Simple activities like short breaks, or even team walks at lunch times can significantly reduce stress levels. For yourself, take some walking meetings with peers, and 121 walks with those reporting to you. Remember, a relaxed mind is more productive, and that includes you.

Building a Supportive Culture:

Foster a supportive work environment. Recognise the efforts of your team and offer help when needed. Celebrate small victories to boost morale and keep the spirit of the season alive.

Managing Expectations with Clients:

Communicate with your clients about the holiday schedule. Setting realistic deadlines and expectations can alleviate the pressure on your team and keep client satisfaction.


The end of the year does not have to be a choice between productivity and festivity. With the right strategies, you can build resilience, and support a productive environment, ensuring that your team enjoys the season while meeting their goals. Remember, the key is balance, and with these tips, you and your team can navigate the festive period, and year end expectations, with ease and joy.